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What Students Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our students do the talking!

What information from the presentation was MOST valuable to you?

  • “Creating and communicating boundaries to your significant other, helps me from ever crossing someone’s boundaries.”
  • “The most valuable, I think, is knowing the consequences of sex, because media and stuff doesn’t share that.”
  • “I knew everything that was said but the opportunity to ask questions to a pro was nice.”
  • “Learning about the risk of STDs/STIs increasing with the # of partners.”
  • “All of it helped and I learned a lot.”
  • “I think the information that was most valuable was the risks of having sex and how to say no to sex.”
  • “The STD and STI part because now I know the risk.”
  • “Setting your own expectations for a boyfriend, and if they don’t meet them don’t lower them [your standards].”
  • Boundaries because that taught me how to keep me safe with my future partner.”
Middle and High School Students

Would you share what you learned in this presentation with a friend?

  • “(Checked ‘Yes’) Because people need to know what a healthy relationship should look like and what the risks are for having sex.”
  • “(Checked ‘Yes’) So they don’t do something without knowing the risks.”
  • “(Checked ‘Yes’) It’s important & VERY helpful.”
  • “(Checked ‘Yes’) Because it was a good experience”
  • “(Checked ‘Yes’) I care about my friends (they’re like family) and I would want them to stay safe and aware.”
Middle and High School Students

Will this presentation help you make healthier decisions regarding your sexual behavior?

  • “(Checked ‘Yes’) It will help me avoid STD’s.”
  • “(Checked ‘Yes’) I am more aware of the risks.”
  • “(Checked ‘Yes’) To evaluate my decisions better.”
  • “(Checked ‘Yes’) I have the resources I need to know why to say no.”
  • “(Checked ‘Yes’) I will not be sexually active until I know I’m ready.”
  • “(Checked ‘Yes’) I know more than I did before”
  • “(Checked ‘Yes’) Now I can say no.”
  • “(Checked ‘Yes’) Now that I know more consequences, it’s easier for me to make the right decision.”
  • “(Checked ‘Yes’) I now know to always set boundaries, before something happens.”
  • “(Checked ‘Yes’) I know what I can do to stay safe and I will continue to make as healthy decisions as possible.”
Middle and High School Students

What Parents Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let parents do the talking!

This note is to commend the Best Choice Program that all three of our teenagers have participated in over the last few years. Our kids benefited from the week long program provided in school during Health class at Parkway West High and Middle schools. They enjoyed the teachers who are young and relatable. They found them easy to talk to, able to freely ask questions, and engage in discussion. The content was extensive and thorough – everything from STDs, risky sexual behaviors, boundaries and rejecting sexual advances, and emotional consequences to teen sex. They also emphasized a clear message that waiting for sex is the best choice and that there is no such thing as “safe sex” in high school. I look forward to future Best Choice programs for my children.


Parkway School District Resident

I am a St. Charles County Resident and mother of three and I would like to express my support for ThriVe St. Louis and the Best Choice Program. I appreciate their position on empowering students to make positive choices and avoid risk behaviors with engaging, relevant, and medically accurate information. I can only hope that by the time my children are old enough, they will be able to experience the program…I have faith that school officials and leaders will have the clarity and fortitude to resist the pressure and defend their curriculum and program decisions which are based on merit in the best interest of the students.


St Charles County Resident

Best Choice gives a well-rounded, fact-filled presentation to the kids in the public schools. We believe that if students are given good, quality information (which is what Best Choice gives in their presentations), they will make better choices in their sexual activity/choices. We want to encourage the school district to continue to include the Best Choice program in their sex education curriculum


Concerned Missouri Citizens

As a tax payer living in Cottleville, the Best Choice program has greatly benefited my children. Even though, I their mother, did not practice abstinence before marriage they have chosen to abstain having learned the benefits of those decisions. I have a 21 year old who waited until he was married and a beautiful daughter who is still waiting, at 19. I’d love for the younger brothers to benefit from the program as well. They are 16 & 11.  Please don’t ban this program and let it continue to teach young people a viable option


Cottleville Resident

What Teachers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let teachers do the talking!

Having a fun, engaging speaker! The kids responded very well to her. This was my first time inviting the program into my classroom. I have heard great things about it, but I am impressed! The slideshow was engaging, presenter was awesome and relatable to the students and activities really made the kids think. I will definitely keep utilizing this tool in the classroom in the future!

McCluer High School


I love this idea of having young – relevant educators coming in to do this education. We’ve had the health dept come and it was an older gal who talked about the same info but our kids could not relate to her so it was a downer, not helpful. [Best Choice] definitely fits our program’s needs. Thank you so much.

Jefferson High School


I look forward to having Best Choice present every year. They are very knowledgeable and present their material in an open and honest way. The material is very up to date. The presenters are very open and honest. Don’t change anything. The way the material is presented makes it intriguing. When students ask if we can do this every day, you know they are doing something right.

Saeger Middle School


I appreciate the fact that you don’t tell students that sex is bad, but it can be if it’s with the wrong person at the wrong time. I like the fact that you push making the best decision and smart decisions.

Pawkway South High School


I think one of the most beneficial parts of the program is to help students understand healthy life style choices.

Dubray Middle School


The program gives the students important information to help them make informed decisions when the time is right.

Fort Zumwalt North Middle School


Students very interested in content, goood information for 8th graders to learn before high school.

Barnwell Middle School


I like the newer info on refusal skills and role-playing “no”. Especially with 7th grade. Also, the importance of safety with social media and values portrayed in media. The role playing was engaging and really helped kids practice information.

Lift for Life Academy


Discussion about peer pressure to be sexually active, importance of developing healthy habits & respect for self & others, and how influential the media is on us [was the most beneficial aspect of the program].

Fort Zumwalt South Middle School


Fits in perfect with our curriculum. Presenters are always informative and engage the students in great discussions. Students are always more willing to share with the presenters. Very helpful when discussing an important topic.

Rockwood Summit High School


I truly believe this program is so beneficial for all teens. I believe every school should incorporate it! Thanks for all you do! You guys are truly making a difference in the world!!!

Rockwood Valley Middle School


The STD portion and most of all the abstinence all throughout the program is great. Having a “teacher” like Mandy is a bonus because the students relate. Outstanding with her.

Francis Howell Middle School